The series' Thinking and Beyond products from Thinking Fundamentalsincludes learning kits and interactive games that combine creative, multi-sensory activities for all ages.

The content developers of the unique concepts in the Thinking and Beyond lines are seasoned professionals in developing interactive learning systems, educational games, challenging and fascinating activities from the fields of psychology, education, creativity, art, design, management, technology, science, music and more.

The pedagogical developer of the “Thinking and Beyond” lines won the Israeli  Prime Minister’s Award for a computer program in the field of Education for developing an interactive learning system that encourages creativity in a wide array of subjects; science, technology, music and language development.

The content developers took part in hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad including collaborations with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transportation, colleges, technological companies, local municipalities, academic institutions, universities and other organizations. The widespread activities of the content experts include collaborations with technological companies, The Joint, HP, IBM and educational departments in Israel, the US, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, Taiwan, China, Hungary, the Netherlands and more.

Many international studies have proven the effectiveness of Thinking Fundamentalsunique learning methods and their contribution to the understanding and internalization of processes from different fields that are incorporated in the many diverse educational and technological activities and innovative products in 43 countries worldwide.

Thinking Fundamentalsoffers the Thinking and Beyond game line for all ages in addition to designated workshops that help develop intelligence, stimulate the mind, enrich skill acquisition, build and develop thinking skills, strengthen; memory skills, spatial orientation and creativity, foster language acquisition, mathematical thought, logic and strategy, cognition and intuition, exploration and discovery, technological skills and aid in acquiring other essential tools for life.

Thinking and Beyond game line

The methodical and regulated learning plan that characterizes the various “Thinking Fundamentals” activities is based on an exclusive pedagogical approach derived from worldwide studies that prove that the activities and intellectual stimuli found in “Thinking Fundamentals” contribute to the development of intelligence, skills and capabilities of the users.

The fascinating designated means of “Thinking Fundamentals” experienced by millions of users worldwide were developed and adjusted to the various designated ages while creating a social, home/organizational environment that encourages teamwork, motivation and strengthens the acquisition of the required skills in various fields.