Dozens of computerized learning systems and interactive systems developed by professional teams – the developers of “Thinking Fundamentals” – were evaluated and distributed throughout Israeli educational institutions by the National Team for Evaluation of Software and Computerized Educational Programs in Israeli Education, by the Department of Science and Technology and by the Department for Computers in the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Examples of computerized educational programs and activities that were evaluated and distributed to educational institutions in Israel:

  • Educational computerized learning programs in Math
  • Math maps
  • Math maze
  • Foundations of math
  • Thought and Creation
  • Puzzles
  • Color
  • Draw a puzzle
  • Color with words
  • Thought and Creation – Math
  • A whole and its parts – A
  • A whole and its parts – B
  • Letters and directions in space
  • Mathematical concepts 3D
  • Mathematical concepts 2D
  • Cube completion
  • Spatial model and location
  • Spatial square and triangle
  •  Thought and Creation – Math, Cognitive Abilities and Basic Concepts
  • Direction and letters in space
  • Draw a matrix

General Subjects:

  • The Human body
  • Road safety
  • Language
  • Directions with letters
  • Spatial points, lines and shapes

Learning English as a second language

Main subjects approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture incorporated in the K.I.Ducation learning system, for which the company employees and developers of the “Thinking Fundamentals” won the "Prime Ministers Award in the field of Education".

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Language Enrichment
  • English
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Transportation
  • Road Safety
  • Music
  • The Home
  • Work
  • Spatial perception
  • Life skills
  • Science and labs
  • Health and personal hygiene
  • Electricity
  • Occupations
  • Life on the globe
  • Creativity