K.I.D. Grid (all ages)

Touch on a Full Range of Learning Fields

K.I.D. Grid is a unique hi-tech system which is fun and easy to use.   Participants interact with a colorful, interactive touch grid and a PC. K.I.D. Grid promotes mastery of academic, cognitive and spatial skills, while strengthening logical and strategic thinking, as participants move from 2D to 3D within limited time-frames. During each session, participants receive and give instructions, while benefiting from real-time, on-going data about their performance and achievements. 

K.I.D. Grid’s large, colorful, touch-activated electronic mat is an invitation to learn.  Linked to a PC, the mat has over 100 illuminated touch pads, illustrated with the customer’s selection of any combination of letters, numbers, shapes or  graphic symbols.  This extraordinary flexibility makes K.I.D. Grid applicable to all ages and a very extensive variety of learning subjects within the curriculum or extra-curricular environment. 

The 30X52X5” touch grid appeals to all ages, tempting learners to interact and to improve their achievements.   Students steadily progress to more difficult levels of activity, interacting with the computer in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.  The continuous feedback, and a score based on performance within prespecified time frames motivates participants to strive to improve their achievements.   

Sessions can be organized as individual learning time or as competitions, adding excitement and stimulation while developing social skills.  

K.I.D.  Grid is supplied with software adapted to the customer’s application.  

K.I.D. Grid is a unique high-tech system, in which the user interacts with the computer and the touch grid.

The pedagogical foundation behind this original educational system is to promote mastery of academic, cognitive and spatial skills, as well as to strengthen logical and strategically abilities to work within two separate dimensions within a limited time-frame. Although the system is highly sophisticated, it is fun and easy to use. During a session, the user gets and gives instructions, while receiving real time, ongoing analysis of his performance and achievements.

The K.I.D. Grid Unit consists of a touch sensitive table top, with an illustrated grid surface which is lit from below and connected to a computer. This surface creates a friendly aesthetic and dynamic environment. The user is motivated to learn by receiving and sending various messages and data, with constant feedback.