"Thinking Fundamentals" specializes in creating complete computerized educational systems designed to enhance learning within a technologically- based environment.

"Thinking Fundamentals" is unrivaled in our ability to develop state-of-the-art computer-based systems that combine interactive software, playful didactic accessories, and unique electronic interfaces that maximize the potential of education through the latest in innovative technology.

At "Thinking Fundamentals", we are committed to taking technology to the limit in educating children. For this, we have received the "Computer Software Prize" from the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

In all its learning systems, "Thinking Fundamentals" places special emphasis on the creation of a comprehensive educational environment designed for groups or for individual participants in which computer activities and technologically-advanced devices are combined with the use of tangible three-dimensional accessories.

Among the main educational objectives covered by "Thinking Fundamental's" systems are:

  • Development of cognitive skills
  • Expansion of general knowledge
  • Improvement of language and communication proficiency
  • Enrichment of social skills and encouragement of cooperative learning
  • Development of physical coordination

"Thinking Fundamentals" systems are based on theoretical educational research done by leading pedagogues and educators in the world, who support the importance of spatial orientation and understanding in the learning process; the use of the tangible and abstract in different stages of learning, immediate positive and corrective feedback; the need to use the body and motion in the learning process; and the need for developing creative and diverse ways of thinking. "Thinking Fundamental's" computerized learning systems are designed to provide whole range of channels that apply to all the senses, and thereby opening new doors to knowledge.

The systems enable learning through increasingly challenging interactive activities, which are graded according to the specified level of cognitive abilities, so that skills acquired at earlier stages are applied in later activities. 

Homebit Center

All product development and production is done in-house, from the initial conceptual stage, through script, animation, recording, programming, electronic and carpentry work, publishing, creating instructional accessories and documentation.

This allows us to experiment with various pedagogical ideas, until we reach the most optimal educational solutions. Additionally, it affords us the flexibility to tailor educational solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

We have over 35 years of practical experience in the field of education. Our products have been translated into 20 different languages and are distributed in over 42 countries worldwide, such as the U.S.A, India, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Spain, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico and others.

Our previous marketing experience in various places in the U.S.A with our 1st generation of Learning Systems was fruitful and successful – our products were well received and acknowledged. We received dozens of recommendations from the various institutions who worked with our Learning Systems, for example:  

1. “Our students have gained improved visual and auditory memory, concentration and imagination. Growth in creative, abstract and critical thinking, as well as improved categorization, comparison and planning skills are outcomes well evidenced by program implementation…”

Woodstock Public Schools 

2.  “…Children learn best by experimenting with “hands on” concrete materials…the combination of manipulative tools and the computer provide an effective learning environment…”

     James E. Biggs – Early Childhood Education Center 

3.  “…Creative  and responsible professionals who are deeply committed to helping special needs children…”  

      Rockland Institute for Special Education 

4.  “ The opportunities for adults and children are varied and vast and the implications for community building are limited only by the imagination…”


5.  “The program, while engaging, entertaining and educational has developed the residents’ teambuilding, sharing, cooperation, communication and listening skills…these will help women prepare for employment and assist them in their daily lives…”

The Northern Westchester Shelter 

KID Grid System


"Thinking Fundamentals" also has experience with joint ventures, working in the past with some of the leading international computer companies in Israel and abroad (IBM, HP, Olivetti) and collaborating in different countries with leading companies in the field of marketing educational technology. 

"Thinking Fundamentals" is also active in the educational market, joining Educational Institutions in Israel and Boards of Education in N.Y.

With these companies, we have introduced complete computer solutions to educational institutions and trained them to successfully market educational systems.

The company’s main activity resides in establishing urban Community Learning Centers, for learning a wide array of educational topics, such as: Road Safety, The Environment, Communication and much more…

The "Thinking Fundamentals" Learning Center has been developed by drawing upon the vast experience of Edu Team in forming and operating Learning Centers that have been using similar types of our Products over the years.

The "Thinking Fundamentals" Center offers a unique environment for qualitative educational solutions with the ultimate goal of widening horizons and enabling learning in an enriching educational environment. Upon entering the Center, participants are enveloped into a special atmosphere. Fun-to-touch elements combine with state-of-the-art multimedia systems to stimulate their curiosity.

The "Thinking Fundamentals" Center typically consists of various working stations, that provide dynamic activity opportunities for a group of participants, who rotate among the various working stations.

A major advantage of the "Thinking Fundamentals" Learning Center is that it is based on thoroughly-researched learning processes, well-founded educational models and the company's 30 years of world wide experience in the educational institutional field. "Thinking Fundamentals" has the knowledge and know how of developing and implementing the Centers.

The Learning Centers are designed to accommodate the educational institutional community in the mornings and the wider community in the afternoons and evenings, including weekends and holidays. The Centers also offer exciting activities for children with their parents and stimulating activities for adults in the evenings. The commitment to teach and enrich education, by participating in "Thinking Fundamental's" Learning Center, is the common denominator of the target groups.

Many companies today are giving back to the community. "Thinking Fundamental's" Community Learning Centers are ideal to be established in collaboration with industrial companies, set out to promote community education, knowledge and awareness.

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